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Testimonials from Fox Lake Guests
Tom Travaglio wrote:
I want to thank Ed and Sheryl for sharing their piece of heaven with us! I have traveled all over the world and have found my stay at this resort to be one of my favorites, no lie. The owners are as nice as can be, the cabins are clean and bring you to a time when peace and quiet were the norm. The beauty of this place is nothing short of amazing to me. I was actually sad to leave and hoped they would adopt us!!!You certainly can not forget Timber, the resort dog who you will fall in love with in a matter of minutes. I would recommend this place without question or hesitation. Just looking at the pictures of the cabin we were in make me miss it. An incredibly relaxing vacation, I know I will be back! Thanks again Ed, Sheryl & of course my life long buddy Timber!

Michael Lang wrote:
I started going to Fox Lake Resort in the mid 1950's as a young child.  Our family continued visiting the resort throught the

The Zehr Family and some Friends wrote:
My Grandpa, Uncles, and Dad have been going to Minnesota for almost 40 years and have been going to Fox Lake just about that long too. I my self was the first girl that got to go fishing in all the whole time they have been going to Fox Lake. In June of 2001, I went and had a blast, but have not gone since. All of Us would like to say thank you for having such a GREAT resort and lake to catch fish in. I hope to see you in June.                                      

Jocelyn Robbins wrote:

Fishing on Fox Lake was one of the best times I have ever had. I caught my first smallmouth bass! The lake is so beautiful. While we were on the lake, we had a chance to see all kinds of wildlife; deer, bald eagles, 3 otter, loons, and even a fox, standing outside of our cabin. And I can't forget the lone Canada goose that could come wandring up every morning looking for a snack. Ha ha I really had a great time and would love to come back. I'm glad that you have this website now, so now I can see the lake and just dream of fishing here in boring Ohio. :0) Thanks! Jocelyn Robbins

Alison, Conan, Camon Crocker visited in July, 2001 and wrote:

Our extended family has been visiting Fox Lake for five generations now.  We continue to come for the serenity and familiarity the resort offers us.  We learned to fish here and we are eager to teach our 15-month-old how to fish someday.  During our last trip to the lake, I wrote this poem:

Symphony of the Lake

it's the curious music of a dragonfly's flit and flutter

it's the boistrous windy whitecaps that slap my ancient, wooden boat;

it's the pungent moisture of the mossy bog;

it's the smile on my baby's face as he touches his first frog;

it's the slippery teeth of a fish fighting in my net;

it's the tea-like smell of the misty lake as it invites me to play;

it's the sweet and crisp memory of peacefulness past;

but taken together, it's their combined chorus that sings to my heart!


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